Eco Friendly Shoes

Climate Emergency

On 1st May 2019 the UK Parliament agreed to declare a climate emergency. Although we're not yet clear what this means in terms of policy, it will undoubtedly involve aiming for zero-carbon or carbon-neutrality by a certain date in the future.

Our Commitment

Effective immediately, for every 20 pairs of shoes we sell, Coogan London will arrange for a new tree to be planted in the UK as well one in a developing country. So, a tree for every 10 pairs sold.

What Will This Do?

Simply put it will offset the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes tenfold. In other words, for every bit of carbon dioxide a pair of shoes creates, our initiative will end up removing 10 times as much from the atmosphere. So we're not just carbon-neutral but massively carbon-positive.

How Can You Help?

Simply by buying our shoes and spreading the word you can help make a massive dent in UK and worldwide carbon emissions and leave it a better place for future generations.


Trees will be planted under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting scheme and we'll have a certificate for every tree.