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Men's Shoe Size Guide

Each style in our shop is carefully engineered to give a good, comfortable fit using standard sizing conventions. However, every foot is different. To improve your shopping experience, we recommend our easy-to-use Sizing Guide below. This will help find a perfect fit for your foot.

Measure Your Foot

Place the back of your foot against a wall, and measure foot length as shown.

Measure Your Foot

Conversion Chart

Use this chart to look up the ideal shoe size that matches your foot length. We use standard European (EU), UK and US sizing.

Foot Length EU Size UK Size US Size
27.0-27.6 cm 41 7 8
27.7-28.3 cm 42 8 9
28.4-29.0 cm 43 9 10
29.1-29.7 cm 44 10 10½
29.8-30.4 cm 45 10½ 11
30.5-31.0 cm 46 11 12
31.1-31.7 cm 47 12 13